Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Growling on queue

Everytime I think I have heard it all, life throws me something new to learn. I tend sometimes to open my mouth up way too much and it often comes back to bite my ass. It seems gay men dont UNDERSTAND the concept of friendship unless you go to bed with them first THEN we discuss friendship which is REALLY all ass backwards. You can meet a guy, either on line, in a bar or in a store and even though the motives are seemingly innocent, 90% of the time it's pure as NYC snow after 24 hours. I wont even go into the sex itself part. That is a novel not a post...but I digress and thats another blog on here at another point. What makes matters worse is when one of the partners HAS cheated behind the others back then goes out to make friends..ITs only natural for the other one to feel inscure since he ALREADY has BREECHED a trust and its difficult at best to get past that. You play a cat n mouse walking on broken glass type of communication since you dont really have a sense of how sharp the glass is until you step on it. Why is it that I can indeed have a totally platonic relationship geared toward a delveloping friendship and other gay men cannot?
Just because I find someone attractive doesnt mean its IMPERATIVE for me to sleep with them. You cannot pick every flower in the field. Too much candy makes you SICK and it makes ME sick to see all the bullshit, drama and undercurrents when two guys meet up. Maybe thats why I cannot seem to develop any new friends. Am I altrusitic ALL the time, of course not; however MOST of the time thats all I seek and I cant find it...ANYPLACE!! You know what...IT SUCKS!!


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