Monday, October 18, 2004

A half Century of Nonsense

Here I am, past 50 and on this blog thing. Having lived more than half my life expectancy, I find it distasteful being a gay man; a leatherman, and one who gets himself into alot of trouble by throwing AT people a piece of his mind rather than just giving it TO them. Granted I keep it shut when I am not asked for advice but I get really pissed off when someone ASKS me for honest advice then gets angry at me when I dont provide them with bullshit or lip service. It seems that gay men when they ask you for your opinion are the first to get ticked off when you tell them how you really feel. I have never understood why this is and I have been out a VERY long time (since I was 16) which would mean I am a year younger than the gay pride movement. I think through it all I have learned that most people dont want to know whats REALLY going down because that would mean that they would have to fess up to their own bullshit and that at 50, wisdome means I know how to ask the questions better but Im not sure I am any closer to answers. As I navigate my way on here and learn more about the blogs I will be adding new features and accessories..and as a gay man I KNOW how to accessorize..I also know how to build and construct and get my hands dirty. Does that mean I am half Lesbian too? I own a jeep wrangler and I dont have any cats or dogs but I do have a manboy in my life of 4 + years and live in a house in Wilton Manors Fla. where we enjoy life, each other and do the best we can. Am hoping I can cause alot of trouble on here too because thats just Who I am. No apologies, NO REGRETS...later.


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