Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Long Nights Journey into Garbage...

I just got in from a local bar down here and lemme tell you. It's enough to make one WANT to be straight. There was this guy about 60 or 65 who had a hardhat on with a cut off shirt and a jockstrap with the rolls of fat hanging over the waist. I thought to myself what was he thinking, but I dont believe he was thinking otherwise he wouldnt have looked or dressed like such a jackass. To top it all off he was really staggering all over the place and of course found his way right next to me. If I didnt enjoy my dinner so much I think I would have barfed on him just to get him to GO!
The dance floor had a crowd of 3 and the music was actually good. It seems that as we get older there are less guys that go out. I guess the age of the internet has kept men on chat rooms looking for a quick hook up. You can get off without ever having to go out until you find the right guy you wanna screw with. Forget about finding PLATONIC (now thats a VERY rare term used these days) friends at a bar..theres always an undercurrent. I had one guy tell me, and I quote "whats in it for me". That about covers EVERYTHING wouldnt you say?
Then you get the guys who LOVE and ENJOY breaking up couples by coming on to one of them in front of the other. I have always been of the opinion that the only guy who can break up the relationship are the guys *IN* the relationship. No one can come between you unless YOU in the relationship permit that!! Unfortunately many guys DO permit that because its new meat, the hunt, the chase, and then the conquering. Yeah, and the guy usually has a good body, is on steroids and charming. After its over the sad sot wants to go back to the now ex lover begging for forgiveness. The REALLY sad part is that history, if we dont learn from it the first go around, usually ends up repeating itself. Once a cheater always a cheater and men hold that championship title.
The process repeats itself until one of the partners gets disgusted enough to NOT go back. At 50 I dont have that kind of time to waste anymore on a jerkoff who would do that to me. I prefer being alone to having to deal with all the drama and bullshit. I happen to like my company regardlesss of how anyone else feels. Then there are the fat men who look like they not only have their own zip and area codes but if you get too close their gravitational field will pull you right in. We're talking planets here folks. I believe in live and let live but dont get pissed off at me because I am not responding to your advances and I dont want to have anything sexual to do with you. I'll be cordial but keep yer hands to yourself man. If I want more you wont have to touch me. You'll know it long before your hands ever touch my body. So after awhile I left and here I am at home. Yeah I was out with my man and yeah it happens anyway even when guys perceive us as a couple. It doesnt matter to alot of men out there. They are in it to get off and everyone is fair game.


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