Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Turn The Page

Odd for me to write the very next day after such a long post but here I be. It was a good day. I bought myself a townhouse back in August for an amazingly cheap price for investment and am gonna rent it out. ITs less than a minute from my present home and I have been in the throes of renovating it and having a BLAST doing it. IT seems to be trimming me down from all the manual labor. I demolished the entire kichen and bathroom and had an Italian Stone floor put in.
Seems I have a list of friends wanting to rent it from me. I got up this morning and went to the Publix here to get groceries for a date I have invited over tomorrow night for dinner. SO there I am walking down the isle when I felt that someone was following me and just then this guy stopped me and asked to see my inkwork. Ten minutes later I have his number and we have spoken on the phone several times already.
Yeah it was a good day. ITs a welcome change from all the stooges I meet on line. I have dramatically cut back my time on line because these men are a bunch of assholes, and by labeling them as assholes I have done a great disservice to that human part of the anatomy.
For the remainder of the day I felt really good. I dont have to always meet guys on line to chat with and who live SO far from me that in all liklihood I will never meet them.
Once in awhile though something good comes from it. I met this guy from the other side of the state, FT Myers area and I come to find he recently moved here to FT Lauderdale so we will be getting together also. I guess one has to be discriminating in cases on the net.
After that situation I went to the gym then to my townhouse to paint the entire empty kitchen. Tomorrow, all the appliances arrive and I wanted to paint before the new appliances got there and I am happy to say that it ALL got done. Am still wiating for the cabinet guy to install the new cabinets. Whats really cool is that the small complex has a heated pool so with me being an owner in there now I have a pool to go to and relax. The complex is full of gay men so one never knows what the universe has in store. At least these guys live here and I dont have to go through what I did with the guy from the midwest......


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