Friday, November 09, 2007

Dont Stop

Things have been REALLY busy here. After almost 4 yrs of being in my home I FINALLY got my hot tub deliverd today. I have a Florida room right outside my bedroom and I now have a GREAT hot tub in there so I can use it anytime I want, day or night..
Been doing alot of work on my house both inside and out. Hurricane season is over and the weather is specatular. For you northerners its like being in NYC in June...before the humidity come in and its dry and warm. This is the weather we now get until next May. It never really gets cold, just comfortable.
Am doing really well this past month and I have come to accept and enjoy where I am at. I am getting ready for my annual Thanksgiving party in my home. I open up my house for all the guys who dont have a place to go; either because their families are too far away or dont bother with them or they are dead. I dont think anyone should be alone on a holiday and I always invite anyone who I know that doesnt have anyone to share the holiday with. NO ONE should be alone on a day when we celebrate a day to be thankful for what we have. I promised that ANYONE who I know is welcome to come over to my home to have turkey dinner with all the trimmings rather than go to a diner or a bar with a bunch of total strangers.
I have been ENORMOUSLY blessed in that area. I truly have a good group of men who love me just for being me and if I never had one special guy I still have many who care for me and in my opinion that puts me ahead of the pack because I have more than one guy to count on since I dont have anyone else. In all the present renovations with my home and the townhouse I bought I have not even had to ask for help. They knew I needed help and just showed up. Try to get a boyfriend to get off his ass for you without whining.. I had been thinking how alone I was since being single for so long but then I realised I wasnt alone at all...I had a bunch of boyfriends who did more for me than any guy who I gave myself to....the only difference being is that I didnt have sex with them because they were my family..
It was like the proverbial light bulb being switched on in my head..
I AM a VERY lucky man....


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

A man truly blessed. And from all that I read, deservedly so. My best regards-Jim


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