Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gimme Gimme MORE

Hey all... Thanksgiving has come n gone. I had 10 for dinner and it was GREAT. I cooked 2 turkeys in the oven and I had NO leftovers. These boys can eat. The weather was warm and sunny. The Florida room is finished and now my attention moves to the bedroom. I have the original carpet from the former owners who had 2 big dogs and I have tried everything to get that carpet cleaned but no dice so OUT it comes. With Christmas bearing down I need to get tuchus in gear.
I actually got all my Xmas cards already sent out so thats done. The tree goes up bout the 15th or so. Have been working in the backyard garden around the FLorida room. The backyard is HUGE ( 80 feet X 50 and yes thats just the BACK yard, the front is almost as big) and I cant do this myself so I am getting some help from a Landscape service. The front has a big concrete drive which knocked out a good portion for plantings, BUT that was still enough work to do by myself but the back has no concrete so its REALLY BIG.
Been hittin the gym frequently and on a new nutrition plan.....trimming down and almost back in my 30 inch waist 501 blue jeans which motivates me to do more....I have to age but I dont have to look, act or feel fat and old. Been meeting my share of guys but only time will tell if any of them is the right one for me....everytime I say that, (the right one) I cant help but drift back to Mr Midwest and his stupidity. NOW I can laugh at it and him....before I couldnt. It hurt. IT doesn't anymore.
Usually at this time of year I get very sad, not depressed but sad. For some reason though this year I am not. I am contented with where my head space is at and where I am at in my life. I feel I am exactly where I need to be right now. and its a GOOD PLACE to be.
I do alot of soul searching and contemplation at this time of year. I review in my head what happened and what didnt; what I accomplished and what I want to do and go toward and what goals I set for myself. I learned that if oyu are not expanding your life you are automatically contracting and I am too damn young for that. Talk to me in 40 years before I intend on allowing that to happen to myself. When you live your life in faith you have nowhere to move but FORWARD. So much to do yet and so many goals to be realized..Gimme gimme more .....


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