Friday, January 11, 2008

Stronger and Stronger..

Well folks 2008 came in like a lamb. It was a GREAT holiday season for me. I had friends over for Christmas Eve and Day then another open house for New Years Eve. I really envoy having people over. Life is too short ( and getting shorter by the moment for me) to be worried about messing up the house. I had a major problem with the plumbing back in December but it got resolved after the dug up a 3' x 3' section of the garage floor only to find that when the jackass built the house and they laid the PVC pipe for the sewer lines, none of them were glued. They pulled them off by hand so they had to replace them and this time they did it right. All of this took place a week before Christmas but they got it all done...I couldn't use the main sink in my kitchen for 9 freakin days. Now that WAS a pain in the butt.
You do the best you can and thankfully it got all takin care of before the Christmas Eve. We all had a fantastic time. Now I am getting ready for birthday number 54 on Jan 24th.. I sometimes cant believe that I am where I much time has passed and it doesn't feel like I am the age I am. I think bout it from time to time but I don't want to waste time thinking about anything I don't have the power or ability to I glance at it then move on...
Well speaking of moving on, I am in Asheville North Carolina. I am looking at land to buy and invest in. the area is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and let me tell you the area is absolutely breathtaking to see. Its a great day here in the 50s' but it DOES get very cold from time to time, so I KNOW I would never come up here in the winter but the summers here must be amazing. I didnt see anything that I liked today but I will go see several more parcels tomorrow. Not sure anything will come of this trip land wise but you don't know until you try...
On a side note... I met a guy on line several years ago who happens to live here in Asheville. Well we met last night for the first time..Man the chemistry and hormones flowed like fine wine. He spent the night with me..Hes the FIRST guy in almost a year that I felt comfortable enough to sleep with the entire night. The last one being the guy from the Midwest who ran like he was on fire when he realized he had feelings for me..He punked out and dumped me..its in an older blog of mine and I don't wanna rehash the same crap. In hindsight he wasn't worth my time..
This guy is in his mid 40's, 6'1" shaved head, blue eyes and a goatee. We really hit it off. We went out to dinner and just had a great time..The guy could make out for a living..WOOF. Yeah I guess you could say I am in serious lust and its been a LONG time since I have been able to say that. Am going to spend the rest of my time here with him and since its Friday I will have several more days with him..the really great thing for me was that it WASN'T about getting off or sex. I just wanted him next to me, to be with me and just to enjoy who he is. Man it felt SOOO good. We will see where this goes...In the meantime I am enjoying my time and my stay here in the hotel..Very cozy and comfortable..and warm..


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