Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Dont Know...

MY second posting about my 54th birthday because in reading my last post I left out other things I wanted to talk about because of my internal revelations which took precedence over what I am writing about here.
Seems my friends decided to REMIND me of my a birthday cake with the grim reaper on it and a pile of dirt in one corner of the cake (chocolate) with the saying, I'm not here for you YET, just for the cake.
Even though I requested no gifts I got plenty of them and surprisingly everything that I was given I actually needed and used. I am a very privileged man. Not lucky but privileged because theres no luck involved in friendship. It's something you earn. I guess you can say the same for any relationship. I have very good feelings about my new year, my 54th. Been hitting the gym intensely on a new program and for some reason its really showing results even for a guy my age. Am eating mostly organic foods now. Am trying to go greener since this planet is in so much trouble. Cut down on driving so I walk or bike now ( bike as in bicycle). They opened up another gay thrift shop in the area called Out of the Closet and now I have 2 re sale places to go to so I am a pig in MUD. The weather is mostly in the 80s and the sun doesn't go down until after 6 and am hitting the beach once in awhile. I STILL find it awesome that I can wear a tank top in January and never wear hats, coats, gloves, scarves and still freeze my butt off. I love my garden and have started on the backyard. I also put in the hot tub in my Florida room and I am LOVING every minute I am in there..I especially enjoy it AFTER a workout either at the gym or in bed.
Yeah its going to be a good year for me. Something inside is telling me this.
I have traveled up to Asheville North Carolina already this year to look for some land to possibly build a log cabin on and I met a great guy up there who I spent the entire weekend with; well actually he spent it with me in my hotel room. HE took me around..we ate all organic meals at some awesome restaurants went to several local bars and I hung out with his bowling league. IT felt so good being intimate with someone again. It was just what I needed to realize that I still have it within me to feel those things for another guy. Seems that life jolts us with twists n turns but it always seems to provide me with the most important things I need WHEN I need it most.
I am excited and looking forward to this coming year.....


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