Sunday, April 02, 2006

Crystal Blue Persuasion

The one word that comes to mind when I think of Crystal meth is INSIDIOUS. Living here in Ft Lauderdale I have come to truly understand the seriousness of this drug but for the life of me I dont comprehend WHY ANYONE would KNOWINGLY take that crap into their system. I have been single now for well over a year and I have yet to meet ANYONE who didnt use it either now or in their past and to be honest, I have given up hope of meeting anyone down here who has HIS head screwed on right.
Dont get me wrong, I am NO saint, not by a long shot but I surely dont to waste the time I have on this earth getting high then coming down then getting high then coming down over a drug that does nothing other than kill off your brain cells all in the name of *having a good time*, which by that term doesn't make any sense to me because you are so f*ucked up that you dont know if you actually had a good time or not.
I know at least 10 men who got themselves infected with HIV because they were flying on Crystal meth (commonly known as TINA, which was coined after the name CHRISTINA). Doing TINA while having HIV is IGNORANT. Doing TINA and NOT having HIV is IGNORANT. Doing TINA is IGNORANT. If any of these jerks would simply read the info on methamphetamies I doubt they would feel the same way about getting high and having a good time. The long term effects alone scared the living shit out of me. At 52 I am already getting to within spitting distance of St Peter and I have no intentions of getting closer to him any sooner than I have to.
Guys who are either on TINA or have done it, *Yell* at me NEVER to go near it or get tempted to try it. I assured them that I had no intentions of putting poison into my system no more than I would smoke the 3000+ chemicals in cigarettes and throw THEM into my lungs.
Theres this one guy I met last year, I will call him Ivan (not his real name). He had to actually MOVE OUT of Ft Lauderdale because he couldnt stop doing it so what he does is that he lives and works someplace else in the state and when ever he wants to go on a TINA spree for the weekend he comes down, parties, gets laid, then goes back away from here. He was recently infected while on a binge. Another guy I know, who lived in FT Lauderdale, moved to North Carolina, literally into the woods to get out of here and is also HIV +. MY friends who died from AIDS when there was nothing that could be done for it literally BEGGED for their lives and died while these assholes who were HIV negative actually got themselves infected because the drug takes away any inhibitions you have and the sex was unprotected. To top it ALL off, many of them ARE indeed HIV positive and they do this shit, expecting a pill to fix everything as long as they are able to do that crap either not realising or not caring that they are screwing up whats left of their immune system by taxing it with drugs in conjunction WITH their HIV disease. Lets not even get into the question of taking your meds on time to aviod drug resistance because HIV is constantly mutating and if yer tweaking for days you are likely not taking your meds!! I was told quite awhile ago that when you are *tweaking* (high on Tina) you cant get an erection so you end up being the receiver during intercourse. However I was recently told by a guy who parties that theres a solution for can still get it up if you take a Viagra. Well wasnt that special!! You can tweak, fly high then take another drug to fix what the FIRST drug did TO you when you want to have intercourse with another guy. Its one BIG pharmacy.
So where does that leave a guy like me in his early 50's who doesnt DO that shit and who CANT seem to find ANYONE who doesnt use it or is in recovery from it? Who the hell knows! I'm not usre that I care anymore either.


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