Friday, November 10, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again....

I thought of this song by Annie Lennox..This week has been so weird its become laughable. I had friends coming down from Jacksonville today. The guy gets a cold then gets a coughing spell SO bad that he knocked 3 discs out of place on his back and had to go to the ER. He is home now but in alot of pain. I think I am afraid to ask ANYONE to come over because some unforseeable doom will befall them the minute they attempt to get here...
There were *other* things that contributed to this bad week but it would take an entire Danielle Steele novel to type it out all. I just got in from the local bar because I just wanted to chill out. I end up getting hit on by a deaf guy who WOULDNT keep his hands off me and of course because he was deaf he couldnt hear me say ANYTHING to him. I had to remove his hands from my person 7 different times. He carried a notepad and pen so I had to WRITE out TO him to leave me alone, aside from the fact he was 22, was REALLY obnoxious, and didnt want to take NO for an answer. After about 15 minutes of trying to reason with him, I FINALLY made my point and he left. The Magic continues. There were several times that I looked up to heaven and said " you can stop the curse now, I get the message".
I can write an entire chapter about my contractor AND the real estate agent in Brooklyn fixing then selling my house but that was just ANOTHER thing that went wrong aside from the rain they had in NYC this past week and my leader pipe coming down from the roof and instead of the rainwater going into the pipe, something caused the pipe to gush the water OUT of the pipe and into the neighbors cellar while MINE remained dry.
Then theres the apt building that the bathroom floor cracked and was falling. THAT had to be removed, the beams strengthened and a new floor put back with tile, grout, toilet and sink ALL had to be put back. YUP folks the magic continues again and it ALL happened this week...ALL of it.
I just CANT WAIT until tomorrow to see if the universe is going to give me the finger again. I have had enough of the finger thrown at me to last FIVE more freakin lifetimes. I'll keep you posted.


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