Thursday, September 11, 2008

Appreciate Me

Well I got one for the books with this guy.. I have been hanging out with this guy named Danny (not his real name) who's got someone in his life..Get this..The guy has a lover and another boyfriend and this guy AND he grabs every guys ass he sees..right IN front of Danny and the disrespect is amazing..

Well Danny expressed an interest in I went along with it...We hung out several times and had a good time together..TWICE he stood me up after telling me he wanted to be with me and hang out and spend time getting to know me and twice he stood me up...

I have already removed myself from the Leather Community down here because they are a bunch of men who screw around with each other and anything else they get their hands on aside from several of them bare-backing other men when they KNOW they are hiv positive and on meds....
Thats just fucked up..

After this latest bullshit with Danny, I am removing myself from the meat market. I cant be a part of this anymore because I dont have the stamina to deal with the bullshit I am seeing..
No one is honest and no one wants what I do so I dont want to waste my precious time on guys my age its not worth wasting time or men who dont know the word honesty..they play you along then when they are done with you they kick you to the curb so fuck them....

I keep hearing in my head..KEEP MOVING FORWARD ..... and thats exactly what I intend on doing... I AM DONE !!


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